How we are paid

How we are paid

The real value of expert advice goes beyond finding the right solutions.  It lies in the experience that your adviser brings to the relationship.  Not everyone has the confidence to navigate the world of finance on their own and a trusted adviser can open your eyes to opportunities and provide vital reassurance that you’re taking the right steps to bring your plans to life. 

Following the principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), JFP Financial Services Ltd has developed a clear and transparent standard charging structure for all of our clients.  This is also tiered to reflect the varying levels of work required and reward our clients for holding greater assets under management with us.

Our advisers will discuss any charges that may be applicable with you and this will be disclosed in writing before commencing any work on your behalf.  These charges can either be deducted from a recommended plan or invoiced to your directly and we will consider the most tax-efficient method in doing so.

With any journey, it is important that you stay on the right road and that your finances are looked after and reviewed regularly.  With this in mind, JFP have developed a range ongoing servicing packages designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding of investors.