Small self administered scheme (ssas)

Small self administered scheme (ssas)

A Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) is an occupational pension scheme which is subject to the normal rules and regulations for registered pension schemes, but offers greater flexibility and freedom of choice over the types of investment it can make. 

It offers all the investment flexibility of a SIPP and is a standalone scheme in its own right, operated by its members who act as Trustees.  The members of a SSAS are able to pool their pension benefits into a single scheme for greater buying power, which can sometimes ease administration.  Each year, the Trustees are responsible for the submission of Scheme Accounts to ensure each member’s best interests are being met. 

As well as borrowing up to 50% of the scheme assets to fund purchases, a SSAS can also “Loan Back” up to 50% of the scheme’s assets to the sponsoring employer.  Such a loan must contain a first charge, be paid back within 5 years on at least an annual repayment basis  and subject to a minimum rate of interest.

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