Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax planning

There is nothing certain in life except death and taxes.  Having worked hard and been taxed on everything throughout your lifetime, the last thing most people want is to be taxed on their death too.  In many cases, the HMRC becomes the eldest child taking a significant share of the estate, and this share must be paid before the estate can be distributed to your loved ones. 

There are ways by which you can reduce this liability and so ensure that your entire estate can be passed to your children and/or beneficiaries.  Our specialist advisers at JFP Financial Services Ltd can talk you through:

  • Utilising annual gift allowances
  • Gifting absolutely
  • Gifting into trust
  • Maintaining access to your capital
  • Utilising Business Property Relief (BPR)
  • Life assurance written in trust.

We also have access to specialist STEP practitioners through our working practices with Josolyne & Co.